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  • Title: Summertime
  • Artists: Dub Rogue feat. Charlie P.
  • Format: MP3, FLAC, WAVE, ALAC, AAC, Ogg Vobis, AIFF, Stream
  • Summer vibes inna unexpected style by Dub Rogue with Charlie P. pon de mic. The release was started in 2013, but due to the loss of the studio, got onhold. Recovery of the track plus new versions still take some time. But we are on it like Master Ranos.
  • Tracks:
  • 1. "Summertime (2017 Radio Edit)"
  • 2. "Summerdub (2017 Radio Edit)"
  • 3. "Summertime (Original Ibiza House Dub Disco Style Mix)"
  • 4. Tbc: Intergalaktik Sound Remix
  • 5. Tbc: Remix
  • 6. Tbc: Remix
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    Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes:

    In 2013, Dubateers feat. Charlie P. were invited to Berlin by MoonBass Hi+Fi Soundsystem for a gig in Yaam Club. Charlie P. offered to voice dubplates or tunes for us. We went to the studio of (I forgot the name, remind me to add it here) a dancehall producer and recorded a couple of dubplates. When there was still time and Charlie still felt ready for more, I played a "different" riddim I had just built for fun. I called it "Ibiza House Dub Disco Style". I asked for some lovely "summer" vocal vibes and Charlie delivered. In fact, a little gem emerged. Unfortunately, soon later I had to sell my last studio equipment and my virtual studio was also gone because my software was still from the 90s and wouldn't work with Win7 anymore. That's when I gave up until 2017, when Dub Flash arose from the ashes.

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