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This website is the home of Dub Flash Records, the label that evolved out of the internet's first ever website about Dub music: Dub Flash's Dub Information Portal. Aside from information about the label, you get a trip down memory lane, both in text as well as visual form. Dub Flash was so much more than just a record label. However, time, life and universe goes on, and some things come, and some things go. Such is life.

All the label's releases are available from almost all digital distribution websites for download and streaming. Some of the releases are only available for download from Bandcamp or from here. The limited (up to 750) edition vinyls, CDs and MCs are all sold out (except for DFR020). This website features some background stories about the releases you don't find elsewhere.

Please also visit our sidelabel for quirky dubby music

Whimsical Music

Whimsical Music offers you electronic music without boundaries, albeit mainly within a dubby environment. Remixes, one-takes, songs with all kinds of samples come together for an open-minded, free-spirited experience. Whimsical Music is non-profit. It's just for fun and to give our respect to other people's work. Our songs are mostly tributes and fan service for things we like.

Please visit Whimsical Music here.

Dub Flash Releases

Radio Show

Dub Flash's Dub Mash


All episodes are available on Mixcloud, including tracklists. Click the pic above or here for an overview of all shows.

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