The Cancelled Release

The Cancelled Release

Release no.: DFR011
Artist: Various
Original 10" vinyl release: 2010 (planned)
Copies (10"): 500 (planned)
Status (10"): not released

Behind the scenes:

This release wasn't meant to be. It was supposed to be released in 2010 as a 10" vinyl as the 6th part of the "Dub Splitz Series". Unfortunately, there were different complications which at first led to various delays, and eventually the cancellation.

The good news: 4 of the tracks have been released on the 20th anniversary 2xLP "Escape Velocity" (DFR020) in 2018 to give them the space they deserve. The 5th song was finally released digitally (in a slightly remixed fashion) in 2021 on DFR022: "Dub Rules Everything Around Me". The 6th song... I don't know what happened to it. At least it's not on Dub Flash.

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