Whimsical Music, Part 1:
Dubbycally EP

Dubbycally EP

Release no.: DFR012, WHIM001
Artist: Gaggeldub
Digital release: 04.09.2011
01 - "Dubbycally Drive" 06:09 min.
02 - "Dubbycally Dub" 06:24 min.
03 - "Dubbycally Deep" 07:11 min.

Behind the scenes:

This EP is the first release in the "Whimsical Music" net-series (WHIM001). The original idea was that our digital-only releases would present different dub styles to the people. However, due to the change in the music industry, this approach slightly changed, as everything is digitally released now anyway. Dub Flash started as an analog label, in case you wonder what I'm talking about.

About the artist: Gaggeldub takes you on a journey into the digital dub universe with the solar-powered spaceship Gaggelmobil. The deep style of Splatter Dub is live-sound-surfing inna di loop with many surprises...

DFR012 is the first digital-only release on Dub Flash and marked the start of a reshaping of the label due to... reasons.

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