Whimsical Music, Part 3:
Beyond Andromedub

Whimsical Music, Part 3: Beyond Andromedub

Release no.: DFR016
Artist: Gaggeldub
Digital release: 02.03.2017
01 - "NGC 147" 4:08 min.
02 - "NGC 185" 3:56 min.
03 - "NGC 205" 6:02 min.
04 - "NGC 221" 3:40 min.
05 - "NGC 224" 6:07 min.
06 - "NGC 598" 2:32 min.

Behind the scenes:

The third installment of the "Whimsical Music" net-series.

In Autumn 2011, Gaggeldub sent me a CD with 18 tracks for release on Dub Flash. Since I chose a 60 minutes cassette as format for the "Andromedub" album, I was only able to put 12 tracks on the album. Tough choice. In January 2017 I re-discovered the original dubplate CD and the 6 remaining tracks. Blown away just like I was 5+ years ago, I released the missing tunes as well. And here they are. Beyond Andromeda, the titles are program. Have fun!

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