TV's Greatest Dubs (Season 1)

TV's Greatest Dubs (Season 1)

Release no.: DFR024
Artist: Dub Rogue feat. Style Scott
Digital release: 24.12.2023
S01E01 - "Dub One" 3:46 min
S01E02 - "Dub Office" 4:20 min.
S01E03 - "Dub & Recreation" 3:54 min.
S01E04 - "Dub & Flauschig" 4:04 min.
S01E05 - "Dub 99" 4:26 min.
S01E06 - "Dub Guy" 3:31 min.
S01E07 - "Dub Development" 4:14 min.
S01E08 - "Dub & Morty" 3:55 min.

"Wonderfully weird." (L. Huger, "Dance in your pants" music magazine, FIN).

"Reminds me a bit of Dub Syndicate." (Dubcreator, mastermind)

This release tributes legendary Dub Syndicate and Roots Radics drummer Style Scott, who recorded the drumsets used on this release before he was killed in 2014. R.I.P., Style!

Season 1 features the dub versions of the first 8 songs.

The "vocal" versions featuring samples from 6 TV series, 1 movie and 1 podcast are unofficially available from Whimsical Music. Free download on Bandcamp.


Music by Dub Rogue in 2022-2023.
Mixed by Dub Rogue in 2023.
Drums by Style Scott (R.I.P.).
Produced and mixed at Beyond Andromedub Studio, FIN.
Mastered by Dubcreator in 2023.
Mastered at DC Studio, NL.
Artwork by Professor Chaos in 2023.
Artwork at Atelier Branle Bas, FIN.

Behind the scenes:

Two long time ideas finally came to fruition in this album: On the one hand, drumsets by Style Scott who was killed in 2014 (R.I.P.) and which Dub Rogue wanted to use for a tribute release to his favourite drummer. On the other hand, making an album with samples of TV shows and movies.
The result is a quirky mix of dubby ingredients which the dub scene Shirley hasn't heard before. A lot of time, thought, and energy was invested in this album. Various movies and shows have been bingewatched with a pen and paper in hands, scouting for usable parts in the songs. Hundreds of samples have been recorded, processed and remixed together to tell their own stories in the songs. Hundreds more had to be disregarded and ended in cutscenes which no one will ever hear.
Video clips have been recorded, cut, and mixed together to create matching music videos for the "vocal" cuts. This was an adventure on its own. We hope you enjoy the music, as well as the videos (which you can find on YouTube).
Let's see the ratings of this show to find out if it will be renewed for a season 2.

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