15 Seconds - The Influencing Soundtrack for TikTok Influencers Who Dance In Supermarket Aisles

Release no.: DFR028
Artist: Various Artists
Digital release: 11.02.2024
01 - Dub Rogue "15 Seconds" 0:15 min.
02 - SpongeDub SquareDance "Attention Span" 0:15 min.
03 - Dennis Rockerbilly "TikTok Generation" 0:15 min.
04 - Zunami Zachariah "Brain Capacity" 0:15 min.
05 - Pasadena Grande "Comprehension Skills" 0:15 min.
06 - Gary Snail "ADHD" 0:15 min.
07 - Dr. Ogue "Focussing" 0:15 min.
08 - Sunday Steppas "Scroll Scroll Scroll Your Phone" 0:15 min.
09 - Gringo Greenspan "Like, Heart, Fire, Folded Hands" 0:15 min.
10 - Dub Rogue "Pretentious Artist Thinks They Outrage Many, But Actually No One Cares" 0:15 min.


Music composed by Dub Rogue (tracks 1, 10), SpongeDub SquareDance (track 2), Dennis Rockerbilly (track 3), Zunami Zachariah (track 4), Pasadena Grande (track 5), Gary Snail (track 6), Dr. Ogue (track 7), Sunday Steppas (track 8), and Gringo Greenspan (track 9).
Produced and mixed by Dub Rogue in 2024.
Produced and mixed at Beyond Andromedub Studio, FIN.
Mastered by Me(h) in 2024.
Mastered at Beyond Andromedub Studio, FIN.
Artwork by Professor Chaos in 2024.
Artwork at Atelier Branle Bas, FIN.
Video editing by Me(h) in 2024.
Video editing at Come Watch TV Studio, FIN.

Behind the scenes:

Dub Flash Records announces the most important album to ever be released in the genre of influencers dancing in the supermarket aisles. If you are serious about your dance moves in supermarket aisles, and influencing the masses with it, don't miss this crucial album.

You receive 10 highly supermarket-danceable EDM tracks, perfectly timed for the average attention span of your average TicToc follower. Don't worry anymore about which part of a song to cut in the TakTik app: We did the work for you. You get 15 best seconds which guarantee you the most possible reach in correspondence with the secret TekTek metrics that we were exclusively able to get ahold off by the TikTak CEO of the Northern Europe + Greenland division.

Did you ever think: This would be an awesome tune, if only it would be shorter, 15 seconds total? Well, search no more! The Dub Flash in-house artists went on a management get-away boat cruise in the Carribean, sponsored by McKinsey Total Landscaping, on which they composed 10 bangers for your convenience. Just record your supermarket-dancing video in the supermarket of your choice and then choose the hymn of your liking directly in the app. If you're smart - and you are, since you dance in supermarkets - you use all 10 hits to create 10 different supermarket dance videos in 10 different supermarkets.

We know it sounds insane to give away 10 perfectly balanced influencing tunes for almost free, but we guarantee you: There is no catch! You pay us a one-time fee of 0,50€ (or more, if you feel like it), and you can use our carefully produced and hand-selected songs to earn lots of Zimbabwean Dollars with your TicToc videos. No strings attached. We guarantee you: We won't even watch your supermarket dance videos!

Now go and dance, you silly geese. Dance like no one ever danced before in a supermarket aisle.

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