Harmonic Rogue

More Rogue

Release no.: DFR029
Artist: Rusty Haze feat. Adey Bell
Digital release: 18.02.2024
1 - "Harmonic Rogue" 3:01 min.
2 - "Harmonic Dub" 3:01 min.
3 - "Dub Rogue" 2:59 min.

Rogue is harmony. Harmony is Rogue.


Music and mixed by Rusty Haze in 2024.
Vocal Harmonies by Adey Bell.
Produced and Bass by Dub Rogue in 2024.
Produced and mixed at Beyond Andromedub Studio, FIN.
Mastered by Me(h) in 2024.
Mastered at Beyond Andromedub Studio, FIN.
Artwork by Professor Chaos in 2024.
Artwork at Atelier Branle Bas, FIN.
Video editing by Me(h) in 2024.
Video editing at Come Watch TV Studio, FIN.

Behind the scenes:

Peace, Love and Rogue.

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