Dub Royal:
The Best of Dub Flash

Dub Royal: The Best of Dub Flash

Release no.: DFR010
Artist: Various
Original CD release: 15.03.2005
Copies (CD): 500
Status (CD): Sold out
01 - Sayan "Who Dunnit?" 5:11 min. (DFR001)
02 - Sir Larsie I meets Rankin Diddy "Righteousness" 4:38 min. (DFR002)
03 - Sir Larsie I "Dubteousness" 4:37 min. (DFR002)
04 - AB-10 feat. Annu "Scaling / Reform (Diskomix)" 8:22 min. (DFR003)
05 - Uptown Selector "Sidewalk Dub" 5:32 min. (DFR003)
06 - Babylon Station feat. King Kalabash & Baron Black "Dub Fi Di Youth" 3:38 min. (DFR004)
07 - Coptic Sound "Lion Rising" 5:19 min. (DFR004)
08 - Social Living Sounds "Hail Jah" 4:14 min. (DFR005)
09 - Gary Dub feat. Hatman "Burning Herbs" 4:56 min. (DFR005)
10 - Dub Rogue feat. HaHoHulluA "Carelia, Verse 1: Frost" 4:53 min. (DFR006)
11 - Dub Rogue feat. Lingo, Paul & Dieb "Carelia, Verse 2: Twilight" 4:54 min. (Bonus)
12 - Dub Rogue "Carelia, Verse 3: Aurora" 5:37 min. (Bonus)
13 - Echo Gekko "Happy Birthday Selassie I" 3:34 min. (Bonus)
14 - Gregor Teosa "Stepwise" 5:03 min. (Bonus)
15 - Dub1 "Triple Crown" 3:04 min. (Bonus)
16 - Poor Man Stylist "Burning" 2:43 min. (Bonus)

Behind the scenes:

This CD was requested by a Japanese distributor who wanted an exclusive Dub Flash CD only for Japan. At the end, he did not buy as many copies as expected, therefore there were copies left for the rest of the world as well. This CD was manufactured in March 2005, right after DFR006, therefore it is actually only a Best of DFR001 to DFR006. I had planned to make DFR020 the second Best of-album but due to the digital distribution that I added years later for all releases, this release would be obsolet.

In case you wonder why there is no digital version of this album available: All tracks from DFR001 to DFR006 are individually purchasable and streamable and the three Dub Rogue tracks have already been re-released on the free DFR013, hence a digital release for "Dub Royal" makes no sense. As a fan service, I re-released the remaining four bonus tracks + one new, unreleased track as a free download on DFR017 in 2017.

DFR010 CD cover front
DFR010 CD cover back
DFR010 CD inlay
DFR010 CD print

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